Balancing two worlds.

I've been an artist in multiple forms: graphic designer, illustrator, printmaker and tile artist.

As L & J Graphics, the focus is graphic design and illustration. I'm a resourceful and inventive graphic designer who leverages experience and professional relationships to create balanced and cost-effective client promotions. With various clients (from publications to beauty companies) and various projects (from spot illustrations to magazines), I listen to the client to design promotional tools to benefit their business.

As Lea-Way Designs, LLC, the focus is fine art. As a tile artist, I create colorful, textile- and culturally-inspired tiles for home decor, jewelry, and residential installationas a way to incorporate fine art–with meaning–into a person's home and personal space. Those spaces should be a physical and spiritual sanctuary, where one can go to reenergize away from the rest of the world. Why not surround (and adorn) yourself with things that create a place of calm and affirmation?